As you already know, the Erasmus + project – EUROTHON – European Hackathon: shaping young people’s ideas about the future of Europe – started a few months ago with the aim of awakening the critical and participatory spirit of young Europeans.

The partners, from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Belgium are prepared to continue advancing the project, for that reason last September 20 they met to share the work done until now and plan the next steps.

Currently, the EUROTHON team is working to develop training modules that will address topics of interest and trends for the most participatory young people who, in addition, will have interactive tools to make their way to Europe more fun.

So far, the activities have been carried out within the established deadlines. And it is that these partners could not be more motivated with everything that is to come!

We hope you will follow in our footsteps on this long but fun race to the #EuropeanHackathon.

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